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Axie Infinity announces possible SLP reward changes | English


Last Tuesday, January 4, Axie Infinity developers announced through their official Twitter account about possible changes in the SLP rewards for all members of their community.

The announcement was well received by the community, who expect a positive reaction in the price of the SLP, which is at $0.02 at the time of writing.

The SLP was launched in December 2019 as a utility token that enabled the breeding of Axies in the early days of the game.

The main complexity for SLP economic balance stems from the difficulty in predicting user growth along with the launch of new products within the Axie ecosystem.

SLP / Axie Infinity Token

SLP Rewards Updates

Among the possible updates mentioned by the developers are some suggestions from the Axie Infinity community itself.

We will show you some of them below:

  1. Frequently balance all SLP rewards: to bring balance to the game, the developers reported the possibility to manually reduce SLP issue rates for daily quests, PvP and PvE.
  2. Increase AXS on rewards: another possible measure to correct game inflation is to increase AXS on leaderboard rewards and reduce SLP rewards to high MMR players as an option.
  3. Reduce SLP produced through bots: the developers have looked into reducing SLP earned during PvE battles in several ways, including modifying the Daily Quest requirements to focus more on Arena than Adventure or requiring energy to earn SLP in Adventure mode.
  4. Buy back SLP from the community: the developers reported that it is possible to allocate part of the market fee for a limited time to buy back SLP from the Treasury. This would only be done in unique circumstances, as maintaining the rate is important for the sustainability of the Community Treasure.
Smooth Love Potion

However, there are many factors to consider in order to implement each of these ideas, so, the developers did not make any promises as to which measures will be implemented.

It is worth noting that this list above does not include all the long-term ideas that the community has shared with Axie Infinity developers, such as the introduction of Axie cosmetics and Axie tournaments.

This article is merely informative and does not constitute a purchase or investment recommendation. We invite readers to do their due diligence before investing in NFTs or cryptocurrencies, as most of them are highly volatile.

Translation by Marco Tulio Lanz

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