Inicio Criptojuegos Axie Infinity enables the purchase of SLP and AXS through Ramp Network | English

Axie Infinity enables the purchase of SLP and AXS through Ramp Network | English


The developers of Axie Infinity announced this Monday, December 27, a partnership with payments startup Ramp Network, which will enable the purchase of SLP, AXS and WETH through Ronin with U.S. credit and debit cards.

Ramp Network has a payment infrastructure that helps exchanges, marketplaces and wallets offer better options for buying cryptos and other digital assets, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The startup reported that it is betting on the future of decentralized finance and has partnerships alongside with Mozilla, Dapper Labs, Aave, Sorare and Axie Infinity.

Discord / Axie Infinity Official Announcement

How to buy SLP, AXS and WETH through Ramp Network?

To purchase SLP, AXS and WETH with Ramp Network you must complete the following steps:

Step 1: login to the Ramp Network space through Ronin here.

Step 2: select the token you wish to purchase (AXS, SLP or WETH).

Step 3: choose the amount you wish to purchase in dollars.

Step 4: enter your email address and verify it through a security code.

Step 5: enter your Ronin address.

Step 6: choose your payment method (debit or credit card), enter your details and confirm your purchase.

Step 7: you will receive your tokens in the selected Ronin wallet.

Rank Network space through Ronin

This article is merely informative and does not constitute a purchase or investment recommendation. We invite readers to do their due diligence before investing in NFTs or cryptocurrencies, as most of them are highly volatile.

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