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Axie Infinity founders discuss the future of SLP price | English


On October 4th, the founders of Axie Infinity held a live AMA to answer several questions about the AXS and SLP price, as well as to announce several important changes to the game that will be released soon.

The AMA (ask me anything) featured Axie Infinity co-founders @Psycheout86 and @Jihoz_Axie, as well as @ZyoriTV, Program Manager for Esports and Content Creators at Sky Mavis.

AMA Axie Infinity
AMA Axie Infinity

Smooth Love Potion (SLP) Price Prediction

Ji Hoz commented during the AMA that Ronin DEX will help stabilize SLP pricing and remove friction from the ecosystem. This means that in the coming months, it is possible that the price of SLP will stabilize and break through the $0.10 barrier it has been struggling with since the beginning of September.

SLP price
SLP price

According to the developers, the increase in SLP’s price could be accompanied by a high demand of Axies from new players, as they expect to have an increase of millions of new monthly players on the platform.

«Long-term sustainability will be based on a combination of growth, new sources of demand for Axies, as well as external organizations coming in to subsidize growth.»

In this AMA the developers did not say what price they expected the SLP to reach, as they expect there to be a free market that will grow with the game.

It is worth mentioning that on other occasions they have said they would be happy with a stable SLP price at $0.14.

DEX will drive a new phase of growth

The developers said that the DEX will drive the new growth phase of the game, making Axie infinity and Ronin much easier to use.

Thanks to the DEX, players will not need to go to other exchanges to buy SLP tokens and then transfer them to the Ronin wallet.

In addition, with the new DEX they will avoid all the problems they had since last year due to the high network fees charged by Ethereum, which according to them slowed down the game’ growth.

«Having our own DEX in Ronin will make us get rid of a lot of friction, and it’s going to make us be able to grow faster and supercharge our economy.»

How will the land game modes work?

The Axie Infinity team said that they are working on the new game modes that the lands will offer, while some are very complex and are projected for the future, one of them is already in development and will be launched soon.

In this mode, players will be able to harvest resources, craft and build structures, ensuring that the gaming experience will be «a lot of fun and really beautiful«.

Land-based game mode
Land game mode

In the future they hope to be able to join players in teams to perform missions, control territories and build different mini-game experiences on their lands.

New cards in the game

The other topic that was discussed was the renewed battle system, which consists in the addition of new cards that allow new functions and game mechanics in the battle mode.

New cards
New cards

Due to this new update, players will start with 6 cards instead of 4, bringing more dynamics and complexity to the game.

All these improvements that the Axie Infinity team is working on show the commitment they have to keep positioning themselves as the top of the cryptogames.

Translation by Marco Tulio Lanz

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