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Axie Infinity launches funding program for developers | English


On January 19, the developers of Axie Infinity announced the launch of a program called «Axie Infinity Builders» to recruit new developers for the game.

The goal is to provide resources, advocacy, support and tools for community developers to build engaging and valuable game experiences.

«Community engagement in the «Builders Program» will help guide our efforts to make it easier and easier to develop experiences and tools over time,» according to the release.

In other words, the new Axie Infinity program will serve to bring together the community’s creative experiences and integrate them into new tools and games.

Benefits of Axie Infinity’s chosen teams

  • A minimum grant of $5K in AXS for each project, with a total of $5K AXS ($400K) in grants available for this program.
  • Guidance from SM engineering.
  • Guidance from SM game and product design.
  • Exclusive access to integrations such as Ronin SSO, Ronin Network testnet and Ronin Wallet.
  • Promotion of your project by Sky Mavis to the community.
  • Monetization of projects is allowed and encouraged, but must follow these requirements.
  • Payment of players is done in SLP or AXS.
  • At least 10% of all revenue must be burned (SLP) or go to the community treasury (AXS).
  • The SM team will help advise on monetization models, some examples of model ideas include.

Entry fee funded rewards.

Within PvP experiences, players can pay entry fees in SLP or AXS that will go into a pool. Winners will take the lion’s share of the pooled fund.

Leaderboard winners

Players pay SLP or AXS into a pool to do a «ranked» run of the game and try to get their best score, at the end of each day the players with the best scores will win part of the pool.

New Tokens and NFTs

Players pay with SLP or AXS for new tokens, plus NFTs can be obtained in-game.

Applications for the Axie Infinity Builders program can be submitted here and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. As it is experimental not many teams will be accepted at first, so if they are not selected immediately it is possible that they will be selected in the future.

In addition, a new channel will be created on Axie Infinity official Discord called «Builders-Program» for people looking for more help with their project.

Translation by Marco Tulio Lanz

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