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Axie Infinity: new rules for gaining SLP and other updates | English


This Thursday, October 14, the developers of Axie Infinity announced through a tweet, a new update that will bring performance improvements to the game, as well as the return of challenging your friends and a new rule for earning SLP.

Players will now need to stay above 800 «cups» to receive SLP rewards.

Those who do not meet this requirement will be able to continue playing just to «have fun» or wait for the next Axie Infinity season when all players will return to 1200 cups.

It was also announced that all axies sent from one account to another will return to level 1 in «adventure mode». The consequence of this is that players will have to restart the quests and the progress they have made up to that point will be lost.

This change mainly affected the Axie Infinity scholarship academies, which keep the axies for reproduction in constant movement, in order to create new teams and assign them to their scholarship holders.

How did the Axie Infinity changes affect players?

Axie Infinity has become the main source of income for many users in different countries such as Argentina, Philippines and Venezuela, where a large number of players own teams with so-called «tuti-frutis axies» due to the low cost of those axies.

With this series of changes in the game, low-budget teams will find it more difficult to advance in PvP mode to get rewards.

They will also need to create good strategies to stay above 800 cups in order to continue generating in-game income.

Axie Infinity / PvP
Axie Infinity / PvP

Are there positive points in the Axie Infinity update?

Some cryptogamers influencers such as Manu Terrones Godoy, better known as Kmanus88, described these changes in Axie Infinity as a positive surprise for the game.

Through a video on his YouTube channel, the influencer and owner of the T2Latam academy, highlighted the importance of these changes in terms of the use of boots and the impact they can cause for both, players and Axie Infintity scholarship academies.

The reality is that, for now, the king of cryptogames continues to attract the attention of many users, despite the fall in the price of SLP and the unhappiness of some, due to the most recent changes made in the game.

Translation by Marco Tulio Lanz

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