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Axie Infinity: What will happen with the AXS and SLP prices? | English


The economy of Axie Infinity is considered by many as the healthiest of the cryptogames, due to the fact that it is managed by cycles of highs and lows in their tokens SLP and AXS.

So far the developers have followed a Roadmap, which allows the game to grow without bleeding its economy as has already happened in projects like CryptoBlades and other cryptogames.

This Wednesday, the Axie Infinity team announced some changes that will help balance the amounts of tokens used for axies breeding between AXS and SLP to adjust the demand for the second token, which is given to players as payment for completed tasks in the game.

The expectation is that the demand for more axies will naturally help to raise the price of SLP and thus many people should enter the project because of the high profit expectations.

What do the scholarship sponsors of Axie Infinity think about this change?

Axie Infinity has a scholarship system that has allowed the massive growth of the game worldwide. This is due to the fact that some companies or people with greater economic resources create accounts in Axie Infinity to be used by scholarship holders who receive a certain percentage of earnings in exchange for the hours they dedicate to the game.

Among the leading companies that participate in this modality is T2 Latam, which has granted approximately 400 Axie Infinity scholarships to different people around the world.

Today, Friday, September 24, the founder of T2 Latam, Manu Terrones Godoy, better known as KmanuS88, published a video on YouTube where he explains what can happen with SLP and AXS after these new changes. He also shows how important these will be for the community and for the scholarship sponsors, due to the great opportunity they have right now to get into the game.

With this announcement, SLP will go to the moon?

According to the developers, this decision should help maintain some balance in the game’s economy. Lately, users have complained about the sharp drop in the price of the SLP and have even begged for changes to be made to bring more utility to the token.

Despite these changes, the SLP price is expected to react positively as the days go by, when the demand for the SLP increases and the supply of the token causes its price to rise. However, the current price is still more than 80% below its ATH of $0.42 reached in April this year.

Graphic of SLP/ Smooth Love Potion
Graphic of SLP/ Smooth Love Potion

So far, Axie Infinity has been alive for 3 years, time in which they have shown that they have great plans and real possibilities to stay at the top of cryptogames. This is thanks to the professionalism and dedication of its developers and the loyalty and trust they have earned from their users.

Translation by Marco Tulio Lanz

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