Inicio Criptojuegos Breaking news: Axie Infinity launches its first node on Ronin | English

Breaking news: Axie Infinity launches its first node on Ronin | English


Today, September 10th, Axie Infinity announced the launch of the first Ronin validator node managed by the AxieChat community.

This node marks a new milestone for Axie Infinity, as it gives greater participation to the community of players who have been supporting the project over the years.

The Axie Infinity node will be supported by 50 AxieChat members.

AxieChat started as a podcast in September 2020 to guide the gaming community, and its evolution over the years led them to become an «Axie mastermind group with over 150 committed members.»

According to the official announcement, the AxieChat Community Node will be backed by approximately 50 «founding» AxieChat members and a team of community developers and content creators.

Possibly with this release we will see a more united Axie Infinity committed to the needs and approaches of the community.

What are nodes?

Nodes are computers that connect to other computers to share information with each other, making it travel faster, safer and more decentralized.

In the Bitcoin network, nodes are responsible for hosting and synchronizing a copy of the entire blockchain, using their computing power to verify and confirm transactions, making the network more robust against any attempt of manipulation.

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