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CashCow Farm: the new NFT game where you can win MILK tokens is coming soon | English


CashCow Farm is just around the corner and expectations are growing around the CashCow protocol with its «farm», a game mode already familiar to most old and new gamers.

While the CashCow development team is celebrating the achievement of the goals set out in the project’s roadmap, their sights are set on what would be the official inclusion of the protocol in the play to earn world.

The road traveled so far has led the CashCow team to have a complete decentralised and sustainable ecosystem with diverse functionalities that allows them to demonstrate to the cryptogaming world achievements such as:

  • Being successfully audited by Certik, a prestigious company specialising in cryptographic cybersecurity.
  • Launch of CashCow Staking: in the project’s decentralised application users can earn passive income by adding liquidity in the MILK-BNB, MILK-BUSD or COW-BUSD pools.
  • Issuance of collectible NFT’s called «Happy Cows», created by visual artists. These will provide more benefits in the future of the protocol and will have more use cases.
  • NFT Marketplace: where users will be able to buy and sell CashCow NFTs using the in-game $MILK token.

What will CashCow’s farm mode consist of?

Owning land to breed, grow and raise cattle is a gaming concept loved by many, and it is this idea that CashCow’s farm mode is based on.

The initial appeal of this game mode is centred on the production of cryptocurrencies, breeding cows and bulls, which will be non fungible tokens (NFT) and will provide their owners with the opportunity to earn $MILK tokens, in the case of NFT cows, and mating and breeding ability in the case of NFT bulls.

Both types of animals will vary in rarity and breed, giving them better attributes.

It is important to note that it will be key to take advantage to ensure optimal $MILK production relative to other players, so it is recommended to purchase at least one NFT package consisting of 1 Land NFT, 1 Bull NFT and 20 Cow NFTs.

If a player or hodler has $COW in his funds, he will have the possibility to enter the «whitelist» to have priority access to the purchase of these packs.

So what are CashCow Farm lands NFTs all about?

As CashCow states in its whitepaper, owning at least one land is essential to being a farmer, producing $MILK tokens and breeding cattle.

Players and investors will soon be able to buy this land. It should be noted that there will be no free land, so the way to gain access to owning and playing is through individual land purchases or by purchasing «NFT packages«.

There will be a limited total of 160,000 lands, of which 76,800 will be distributed through the soon-to-be-available NFT Packs. The remaining number will be available for sale on the marketplace.

CashCow Farm: Land preview
CashCow Farm: Land preview

NFTs Land Types

Within the 160 thousand lands in the game there will be a division according to the following types or biomes: jungle, mountains, plains, hills and forests.

Productivity and $MILK token earnings will be closely related to these types due to the ability to multiply production power if the breed of cow and the biome of the land synergise.

These synergies are presented below to get a better idea:

Jungle – Brahman cows.

Mountain – Highlands cows.

Plains – Holstein cows.

Hills – Angus cows.

Forest – Hereford cows.

This multiplier as mentioned above is called Milk Power Bonus and will be a very important factor in knowing what type of breed to breed and what biome of land to buy.


Another important feature of CashCow Farm is the rarity of the cattle and land, classified from common, uncommon, rare, legendary to sacred.

This factor will determine better production of $MILK tokens from cows and more calves per month from bulls.

The rarity of the land will establish the ability to have a greater number of cattle within the land.

Rarity of land and its capacity to hold more cows and bulls
Rarity of land and its capacity to hold more cows and bulls

Join and be part of the CashCow Farm ecosystem and earn $MILK tokens!.

The best way to do this is through the purchase of HappyCows, collectible NFTs that will allow early entry into the game, whitelist, and many other benefits.

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This article is for information purposes only and does not constitute a purchase or investment recommendation. Readers are encouraged to do their due diligence before investing in NFTs or cryptocurrencies, as most of them are highly volatile.

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