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NFT: CashCow Protocol launches «HappyCows» collection | English


CashCow Protocol announced the public sale of its «HappyCows» collection that will take place between December 25 and 31.

There will be 1000 unique and rare NFTs with benefits within the protocol, these can be purchased for 100,000 $MILK ($150) each through CashCow’s DAPP (decentralized application).

The main benefit of acquiring the NFTs is whitelisting (being whitelisted) for the purchase of rare, uncommon or common packs, prior to the game’s release.

CashCow NFT / HappyCows Collection

Why get an NFT pack on CashCow?

One of the main reasons to get a CashCow NFT pack is that land will be an essential requirement to play, i.e. there will be no free land and all farmers will need their own NFT to raise and produce $MILK.

Approximately 48% of the land will be used for parcels and the remainder will be for sale individually in the marketplace

In the FarmGame there will be the following NFTs: cows, bulls and land. In each pack purchased users will have 25 cows, 1 bull and 1 land for the game.

Latest CashCow updates

This week the CashCow Protocol, officially attributed governance functions to the $COW token, aiming to decentralize as much as possible the game ecosystem.

In addition, a new in-game utility for the $COW token has been announced, which will allow players to increase their $MILK production by simply holding $COW in their wallets.

Finally, for this holiday season, the CashCow team decided to hold a special Christmas and New Year airdrop where 10 NFT HappyCows will be raffled off.

Details of the airdrop:

  • 10 NFT HappyCows will be raffled, valued in the protocol for 100,000 $MILK Token (over $150 each).
  • Winners will receive their prizes during the month of January.
  • For more information about the CashCow Airdrop, click here.
CashCow Airdrop NFT

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This article is merely informative and does not constitute a purchase or investment recommendation. We invite readers to do their due diligence before investing in NFTs or cryptocurrencies, as most of them are highly volatile.

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