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Ninja Fantasy: the new cryptogame inspired by Naruto | English


If you are a fan of Naruto comics and anime series, Ninja Fantasy may be the ideal cryptogame for you, as it is 100% inspired by that Japanese manga that has been a success during the last few years.

Ninja Fantasy is a cryptogame that runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with an oracle to maintain a stable economy among its players. Its gameplay for now is very similar to CryptoMines where you have to sign a contract to be able to send your troops out to fight.

According to the video on its official website, Ninja Fantasy will immerse you in a story about the «Great Shinobi War», where a warrior named Amdara threatens from the shadows reincarnating in an impure world with exiled mercenaries, mystical ninja creatures, samurai and powerful ancestors causing a new Great War.

How to start playing Ninja Fantasy?

To start playing, you will have to buy a scroll that will provide you with a beginner ninja for approximately $40 or a random one in which you can get an advanced ninja or a rarity for $68. For each basic or beginner ninja, you will be able to earn $3 daily at the exchange rate in the game’s currency.

The NFS you earn can be exchanged for accessories to improve your ninja or you can simply withdraw them to earn money.

Soon, the game will have 4 battle modes; Boss Battle (Adventure), Player vs Player (PvP), Team vs Team (deathmatch) and Survival (battle royale). In each mode players will be rewarded depending on their rank, time, equipment or extra accessories.

How does the Ninja Fantasy economy work?

Ninja Fantasy has a native token called NFS, which is used both to enter the game and to receive internal rewards.

But the most important thing that this crypto game has to remain solid is the oracle, a tool that, as we explained in other articles, helps to maintain a stable price in dollars just like CryptoMines.

Despite the drop of more than 50% that all the games that work with oracle have had during this last week, little by little they are showing a recovery in their currencies that indicates that there really is confidence in these projects.

Ninja Fantasy and its native NFS token

The NFS token increased since the beginning of November by more than 800% reaching its all-time high (ATH) of $41 last November 24.

However, today December 3 it is costing around $6, so it could be a good entry point if the game really delivers everything it promises in its roadmap.

NFS Price

Although it is true that practically all crypto games have experienced this price drop, so far the real reason is unknown, however, it could be thought that perhaps it was caused by some whale that sold part of its tokens to protect itself against a possible price drop in the crypto or traditional market. Something that is causing panic among investors worldwide.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that this game has a maximum supply of 10 million NFS, and they also maintain the inflammation of the currency with several intelligent mechanisms such as the algorithm known as «oracle» that maintains a healthy distribution of rewards.

In addition, to maintain that healthy economy in the Ninja Fantasy metaverse a transaction fee is implemented which will be used for the maintenance of the platform, and part of it is burned.

This article is merely informative and does not constitute a purchase or investment recommendation. We invite readers to do their due diligence before investing in NFTs or cryptocurrencies, as most of them are highly volatile.

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