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Plant vs Undead announces new batch of 100,000 seeds for PvP | English


The developers of Plant vs Undead announced this Saturday, October 23, a batch of 100,000 seeds for the PvP mode, in order to allow the entry of new players.

These seeds will be sold through the PvP mode marketplace and will cost 100 FUSD each.

They also informed that the seed offers will always be limited for each update. After they run out, you will only be able to farm seeds by playing to get parts and later turn them into plants.

The NFT plants generated with these seeds will have a slightly longer durability than the cloned ones, although it was not specified exactly how many times you will be able to use them.

Official announcement by Plant vs Undead
Official announcement by Plant vs Undead

How did the community react to the announcement?

This announcement provoked criticism from some Plant vs Undead users, who claim that the developers cannot aspire to new investments from users without first recovering the trust of the entire community through improvements in the game and its economy.

However, at the time of writing, 481 seeds have been sold, indicating interest in the purchase of the new NFTs plants by the game’s community.

New Plant vs Undead seeds
New Plant vs Undead seeds

PvP marketplace now available

With the sale of the new seeds, the movement in the PvP marketplace in Plant vs Undead was activated, generating a total of 42 items sold with a sales volume of $1771 in the last 24 hours.

PvP / Plant vs Undead mode marketplace

Currently, the marketplace has 247 plants for sale and all indications are that this number will continue to increase as new seeds continue to be sold in the marketplace and new users enter the game.

Translation by Marco Tulio Lanz

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