Inicio Criptojuegos Plant vs Undead CEO will host a "live" AMA: What will he say about PVU? | English

Plant vs Undead CEO will host a «live» AMA: What will he say about PVU? | English


This September 27, Quy, CEO of Plant vs Undead, will host an AMA, which will consist of a «live» session of «ask me anything», on this occasion he will answer along with other representatives of the game, many of the questions that players have been asking in recent weeks.

According to the information provided on the official Discord channel, the event will take place simultaneously through the official Discord and Telegram channels at 1 p.m. UTC.

During the AMA, topics of utmost importance for the evolution and development of the game will be discussed, such as: Farm 3.0, PvP, Factory Chain and other games they plan to launch in the Plant vs Undead Metaverse.

Schedules to participate in the event

All those who wish to participate live, can do so through the official social networks of Plant vs Undead at the following times:

Venezuela: 09:00 am

Argentina: 10:00 am

Colombia: 08:00 am

Brazil: 10:00 am

Spain: 03:00 pm

Philippines: 09:00 pm

United States, New York: 09:00 am

Hopefully this live stream will clarify the direction in which Plant vs Undead is heading and allow a recovery of PVU token, whose price has been hit hard by the recent decisions taken by the game developers.

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