Inicio Criptojuegos Plant vs Undead will launch PvP mode on October 26th | English

Plant vs Undead will launch PvP mode on October 26th | English


This October 22, the developers of Plant vs Undead announced new updates about the new PvP mode and the future of Farm 3.0.

PvP mode will be launched on October 26th

According to the announcement, the beta version of the new PvP mode will be launched on October 26 at 00:00 UTC (08:00 pm Venezuela time), although only players who have been selected in the whitelist will be able to access it, since all the internal tests of the game will be carried out before being released to the public.

The server will be open to the public from October 30 at 00:00 UTC (09:00 pm Venezuela time), however the entry will be gradual.

PvP Marketplace
PvP Marketplace

«About our PVU: PvP Beta test, we have decided to start the Beta test from 00:00 UTC on October 26 for internal testing and whitelisted players. At 00:00 UTC on October 30, the server will gradually open to more players. In accordance with the above announcement, those who have owned NFT assets in the Farm mode will have more chances to enter the PvP Beta test.» the statement reads.

Farm 3.0 will bring new improvements to the game

As for Farm 3.0 mode, the developers asked for patience stating that they were working on improving not only the game’s economy but also the gameplay, however they did not give an exact release date.

Farm 3.0 mode update
Farm 3.0 mode update

«We reiterate to everyone who missed our previous announcements that all of our projects, including PVU; PvP mode and PVU; Farm mode, are developed by independent teams. We have allocated enough human resources to each team so that each game can reach its best potential. We want you to know that our PVU, Farm mode team is working tirelessly, and update 3.0 will be the most important update for this game, so please be patient,» the statement said.

This announcement was very well received by the community, helping the price of PVU increase by more than 130% from the $0.60 it was at on October 21 to nearly $1.5.

PVU Token

So for now we just have to wait a couple of weeks to play the new PvP mode and see if Plant vs Undead really manages to regain the trust of its players.

Translation by Marco Tulio Lanz

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