Inicio Criptojuegos The Sandbox to launch $130k Airdrop to explore the metaverse | English

The Sandbox to launch $130k Airdrop to explore the metaverse | English


The Sandbox will launch a $130,000 Airdrop to give users the opportunity to explore the Alpha version of the metaverse through the delivery of «10 Alpha Pass» in partnership with the CoinMarketCap platform.

Players who own the Alpha Pass will be able to try out 18 game experiences, while earning up to 1,000 SAND tokens in the process.

On the other hand, players without the Alpha Pass will still have access to three game experiences and the social hub.

The Sandbox/ Alpha Pass

How to participate in The Sandbox Airdrop?

To participate in The Sandbox Airdrop you must complete the following tasks before Monday, December 13:

  • Create The Sandbox account here.
  • Follow The Sandbox on Medium.
  • Follow The Sandbox page on Twitter.
  • Join The Sandbox community on Discord.
  • Join The Sandbox group on Telegram.
  • Submit your «ERC-20» wallet address that is connected to your Sandbox account.

What can I earn in The Alpha?

Alpha Pass owners will have the opportunity to win a selection of:

1000 SAND (in-game token) for completing all objectives in The Alpha.
3 NFT exclusive to The Sandbox Alpha that will only be available during the Alpha.

The Sandbox Alpha Exclusive NFTs / From left to right: Alpha Gate | Alpha Dragon | Alpha Sword

How to claim The Sandbox Alpha Pass?

After the «10 Alpha Pass» drawing, selected winners will be greeted with a pop-up congratulating them on being one of the lucky 10.

The Sandbox Alpha Pass

In the pop-up window, there will be a «Claim Pass» button where you will need to click to get your Alpha Pass.

However, don’t worry if you accidentally close the window. You will still be able to claim your Alpha Pass by clicking on the button below your Avatar.

From here, your MetaMask wallet will ask for permission to process the request. Note that you will bat least some ETH available to cover the gas fees.

Once approved, that’s it.

Your Alpha Pass NFT will be on its way to your account.

Translated by Marco Tulio Lanz

This article is merely informative and does not constitute a purchase or investment recommendation. We invite readers to do their due diligence before investing in NFTs or cryptocurrencies, as most of them are highly volatile.

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