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NFT games compromised? Another hacking for more than $300k | English


Wonder Hero, an NFT RPG game, announced this Thursday, April 7, the hacking and theft of more than 300 thousand dollars.

In the statement, the developers of Wonder Hero informed that the attack was carried out to their cross-chain bridge withdrawal through BNB Chain.

The attackers managed to mint 80 million $WND (in-game token) on the BNB Chain and exchange them through PancakeSwap for a total of 750 BNB.

The security team took swift action by suspending all services for users, managing to block further attacks by the hackers.

Measures taken by Wonder Hero

Following the events, the developers of Wonder Hero announced the following measures:

  1. The team will work around the clock to rectify the breach in our cross-chain bridge.
  2. They will perform internal checks followed by a full system-wide audit to mitigate all threats.
  3. They will create a new contract for $WND and new $WND tokens will be sent to their token holders based on the snapshot prior to the attack, before block 16731166.
  4. WonderHero will compensate 100% to all liquidity providers in the WND-BNB LP group prior to the attack.
  5. Once the above is completed, the new $WND liquidity pool will start trading again.
  6. They will announce the timeline for the recovery of services at a later date.
  7. They will plan a bug bounty program after the audit to better protect users.

“This is an unfortunate incident, we will do our best to make Wonder Hero a fun and safe game for players.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for their continued trust and support, this has only strengthened our resolve to deliver a great game that offers value and fun to our players.

Our community can rest assured that my team and I are fully committed to taking WonderHero to greater heights,” reported Ethan Ng, WonderHero co-founder and CEO on its official website.

Should we be afraid of NFT games?

As the popularity of NFT games has grown, the number of thefts made in recent months has also increased.

Wonder Hero is the second case of theft in less than a month, as last March 23 Axie Infinity was the victim of a million-dollar attack that cost them more than $600 million.

This has caused some fears in the communities of players and users of both projects.

However, both Wonder Hero and Axie Infinity have pledged to replace or return the stolen funds or assets to their users and, in addition, to strengthen security mechanisms.

Companies such as Binance have also lent their support in these situations and have stated that they will work on improving security in the crypto world to build a safer ecosystem.

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