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SLP price increased almost 100% | English

The SLP price increased during the morning of today, November 04, almost 100% following Axie Infinity announcement of the launch of its Ronin DEX Katana.SLP price hits $0.1352Although the price of SLP managed to...

SLP Price Prediction: What happens to the Axie Infinity token? | English

Some main questions from Axie Infinity players in recent weeks are: What is happening with the SLP price, and why does it continue to fall despite the latest announcements from the developers?SLP is the...

Axie Infinity founders discuss the future of SLP price | English

On October 4th, the founders of Axie Infinity held a live AMA to answer several questions about the AXS and SLP price, as well as to announce several important changes to the game that...

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