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CashCow Protocol launches DApp update this April 15


CashCow Protocol announced this Friday 15th April the latest update to its DApp which incorporates a number of visual and functional improvements.

The DApp now features 2 appearance, dark mode and light mode, both with a very authentic style, both in the designs and colour scheme used by the CashCow team.

In addition, the application now offers a more intuitive and efficient experience when choosing between the different options to monetise within the protocol, among which are:

  • Staking of tokens.
  • Staking of NFTs.
  • Liquidity funds.
  • Trading of NFTs through the protocol’s marketplace.

¿What is the CashCow DApp?

The CashCow DApp, or decentralised CashCow application, is a type of application that does not rely on central control points or servers, but operates on the basis of a decentralised network.

This application runs on the BNB Chain network, which, through its smart contracts, allows the user of the CashCow DApp to interact in a global, transparent and decentralised economy.

CashCow DApp aims to decentralise the economics of the protocol by offering an intuitive, easy-to-access platform that integrates multiple DeFi proprietary investment options to provide benefits and passive income to CashCow users.

How to log in and use the CashCow DApp?

To access the features of the CashCow DApp you must complete the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the official CashCow DApp website and click on «Connect«.

Step 1: CashCow Protocol. How to connect
Step 1: CashCow Protocol. How to connect

Step 2: Choose from the different investment options within the DApp.

Step 2: CashoCow Protocol options
Step 2: CashoCow Protocol options

Step 3: Click on the option of your choice and enjoy the experience within the decentralised CashCow platform.

In addition, in the CashCow DApp it is possible to track the price of the $COW token at the bottom left of the screen.

These developments show that the protocol is well on its way to building a strong community by offering good products and making it easy for users to access its various forms of investment.

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This article is for information purposes only and does not constitute a purchase or investment recommendation. Readers are encouraged to do their due diligence before investing in NFTs or cryptocurrencies, as most of them are highly volatile.

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