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Axie Infinity launches funding program for developers | English

On January 19, the developers of Axie Infinity announced the launch of a program called "Axie Infinity Builders" to recruit new developers for the game. The goal is to provide resources, advocacy, support and tools...

Axie Infinity debuts axie releasing to earn rewards | English

Axie Infinity announced today the entry into its ecosystem of a new functionality that consists in the release of the game's famous pets to obtain valuable rewards. In its social networks and community contact channels,...

Axie Infinity estrena la liberación de axies para ganar recompensas

Axie Infinity anunció hoy la entrada a su ecosistema de una nueva funcionalidad que consiste en la liberación de las famosas mascotas del juego para la obtención de valiosas recompensas. En sus redes sociales y...

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