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Plant vs Undead: PVU price drops 13% after some announcements | English


The price of PVU has dropped 13% in the last 24 hours. From $3.03 to $2.62 at the time of this writing.

This drop in the PVU price seems to be a consequence of the announcements made by the developers of Plant vs Undead, this Monday, October 11 through their official Discord account.

One of the most important changes they made without prior notice to the community, was to go back to selling PVUs to keep the seed claim running.

According to the developers this modification was necessary to be able to add seeds to the game, since this function generates a daily cost of approximately $15,800 according to the words of the PVU team.

DEVS announcement on PVU withdrawals
DEVS announcement on PVU withdrawals

Reward changes for Plant vs Undead players.

It was also announced by the Plant vs Undead team that the «World Tree» reward number 6 will change from «4 Saplings» to «2 Sunbox«, starting this Friday, October 15 at 00:00 UTC (08:00 PM Venezuela time).

This decision caused great discontent in the community, leading the PVU price to experience a domino effect. This is due to the difficulty that players will have from now on to get «Saplings» and exchange them for seeds.

Plant vs Undead announces changes to reward system
Plant vs Undead announces changes to reward system

There are several possible scenarios for the PVU price due to the fact that the cryptocurrency market has great volatility when receiving this type of news.

What is certain is that the trend of the PVU token will continue to fall until a new announcement favorable to players and that generates confidence in the community.

It is possible that the premiere of the PvP mode, which will start working for some users from October 20, will be the announcement that will drive the PVU price increase.

Translation by Marco Tulio Lanz

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