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Block Farm Club: Will it be the new Plant vs Undead? | English


Block Farm Club is an NFT game released in mid-September, similar to Plant vs Undead in terms of its graphical interface and gameplay. Many people are already wondering, will it be the new Plant vs Undead?

The game brings a proposal where users can earn tokens or NFT through plant watering and daily missions.

To enter the game, a minimum requirement of 5 tokens (BFC) are needed to purchase temporary plants and inputs to maintain them.

Block Farm Club

So far the game has met the expectations of the community, due to the profits it generates and the low investment it requires compared to other cryptogames. In addition, they have already announced some improvements in the gameplay and the reward system.

The interest in Block Farm Club has exploded!

According to Google Trends data, in the last 30 days Block Farm Club has led the search intentions in Venezuela, even far above Plant vs Undead and Axie Infinity.

Search Intention / Google Trends
Search Intention / Google Trends

This is a reflection of the massive wave of new player entries as announced by its developers this Monday, October 25.

The Block Farm Club team will have the difficult task of maintaining the trust of its community and making the necessary changes for the game to continue its path to the pinnacle of crypto gaming with the explosive influx of players.

Will it repeat the mistakes of Plant vs Undead?

One of the main questions in the community is whether the developers of Block Farm Club will make the same mistakes that have cost games like Cryptoblades and Plant vs Undead so dearly.

So far all indications are that the developers are committed to improving the game ecosystem and are willing to learn from the mistakes made by other projects by seeking early solutions.

Block Farm Club has the confidence of a community that is growing massively, now it will be up to its developers to maintain adequate profitability, improve its gameplay and make the right decisions for the game to be a resounding success.

Translation by Marco Tulio Lanz

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