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Plant vs Undead announced when NFT plants will be cloned | English


This Monday, October 4, the developers of Plant vs Undead announced that starting Wednesday, October 20, all NFT plants from Farm mode will be cloned to PvP mode.

They also announced that the server will be down during the cloning process, so users will not be able to log in to the Marketplace or their farms.

The idea behind cloning users’ plants is that everyone who already owns NFTs plants will be able to participate in PvP with the same plants that were already obtained in Farm mode.

So far there is a great expectation about the PvP mode because of the opportunity to have 2 sources of income thanks to the game: the Farm mode and the PvP mode.

Will cloned plants be sold in the PvP mode?

Plants that are cloned for PvP mode will not be sold in Marketplace. However, NFTs that are in Farm mode can still be traded after the cloning process.

This will prevent players from taking advantage of the cloning process to generate a massive plant sale that could affect the price of the new PvP token.

PvP mode: Plant vs Undead
PvP mode: Plant vs Undead

When will PvP mode be open to the public?

One week after the cloning process, the beta test of the PvP mode will be open to players.

This beta test will initially be limited to a few players. However, more slots will be opened as time goes on (just like they did when Farm mode was first launched).

During the beta version, users will get some NFT as a reward for each match won.

Each match will consume a fixed portion of the plants’ durability. Once a plant reaches 0 durability, it can no longer be used for PvP. Although, it will be able to be placed in Farm mode again.

Survival mode / level 1 / Plant vs Undead
Survival mode / level 1 / Plant vs Undead

More details about PvP mode and plant cloning will be announced as October 20 approaches.

Translation by Marco Tulio Lanz

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