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Plant vs Undead introduces FPVU, the game’s new token | English


This Sunday, October 17, the developers of Plant vs Undead announced on their official Discord channel the FPVU, a new token that will be used in PvP mode.

Plant vs Undead is facing «the worst moment of the game«, due to the huge drop in the PVU price and the community’s discontent for the constant increases in the exchange rate from LE to PVU.

However, the Plant vs Undead team seems not to give up in the face of difficulties, and maintains expectations for the release of the new PvP mode, hoping that it will allow them to return to the glory days of the project.

Plant vs Undead Official Discord
Plant vs Undead Official Discord

Plant vs Undead: What’s new in PvP?

In addition to the announcement about the new Plant vs Undead token, the developers highlighted some important aspects about the PvP mode:

  • PvP will be launched only with the «unranked» mode. This will be for the purpose of monitoring and improving the ranking and matchmaking system based on each player’s match data.
  • The rewards for unranked battles will be new NFT items that can be used to convert into new NFT plants (These new items will not be seeds).
  • Ranked mode will be launched after the beta test in a seasonal format, and after each season your rankings will be reset.
  • Rewards for each rank mode victory will be rewarded in FPVU. The amount of FPVU, however, will depend on your rank.
PvP / Plant vs Undead Mode
PvP / Plant vs Undead Mode

The reality is that the Plant vs Undead team will have a difficult task due to the uncertainty created in the market as a result of the inconsistency of their decisions.

Even part of the community assures that PvP is the opportunity to rise from the ashes, as one of the biggest cryptogames in the market or end up in oblivion as just another NFT project.

Translation by Marco Tulio Lanz

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